About the Journal

Focus and Scope

EduStream: Jurnal Pendidikan Dasar is available for free (open access) to all readers. The articles in Edustream includes developments and researches in Science,Technology, Religion, Ethno Pedagogy, Art, and Mathematic (theoretical studies, experiments, and its applications), including but not limited to

  • Science
  • Technology
  • Ethno Pedagogy
  • Art
  • Mathematic


  1. Curriculum and learning
  2. Assessment
  3. The method and approach
  4. Media and learning resource

EduStream: Jurnal Pendidikan Dasar also carries a Comments and Critism section, which provides a forum for expressing different viewpoints, comments, clarification, and correction of misunderstanding regarding topics in published papers. Forum for expressing different viewpoints and the correction of misunderstanding regarding topics in published papers. Readers of the journal are earnestly invited to contribute their ideas to this forum. Contributions for Comments and Critism section should be relatively brief, normally two to four manuscript pages, written in Indonesian and English, and will be published as rapidly as possible

Peer Review Process

To maintain consistency of the issue, the editorial board has established a peer reviewed process policy :

  1. The reviewer accepts the task given by the Section Editor in accordance with the competence of the reviewed manuscripts knowledge
  2. The reviewer will only review the manuscripts / articles that correspond to Edustream's journal topics, with the approval of the Editor
  3. Articles may be accepted without revision, minor revision, major revision, or rejection. The results of article reviews by by reviewers will be notified to the author via e-mail. Author are given the opportunity to revise the articles based on reviewers suggestions (and eidtor) no later than 8 weeks after e-mail notification.

How to Become a Reviewer

  1. Recorded as the first author in this journal with (at least has) a doctorate degree. Educate at least S-2 majoring in elementary school education or other science that science that has the same competencies
  2. Experienced as reviewer or bestari in scientific journal / science education magazine (minimum 1 problem with 1 year working period);
  3. Understanding the context of the subject matter and the topic of review papers;
  4. Understanding the scientific writing system by following good Indonesian grammar, and fluent in English
  5. Committed to work hard in successful publishing of reviewed manuscripts.

Publication Frequency

EduStream: Jurnal Pendidikan Dasar is published twice a year (one volume two number) with the number of articles of approximiaty

Open Access Policy

This journal provides immediate open access to its content on the principle that making research freely available to the public supports a greater global exchange of knowledge.

Anti Plagiarism

The submitted article must not contain plagiarism. The editorial team will scan the plagiarsm content of thw article using the help of Turnitin


  • Universitas Negeri Surabaya

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