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Publication Ethics

Publication Decision:

Based on the review report from the reviewer board, the editor has the authority to accept, reject, or request changes to the article. The editor may consult with the reviewers in making such decisions. The editor must ensure that all assumptions, procedures, and policies regarding the quality of the material are accounted for, in order to maintain the integrity of the review results.


Author Responsibilities:

Authors are required to present honest and accurate results without fabricating, falsifying, or manipulating data. Articles must contain sufficient details and references to enable other researchers to cite the article. Authors must follow the article submission guidelines and ensure that their work is completely original. If there are significant errors or inaccuracies in published work, the author must immediately notify the editor of the journal or publisher and work together to retract or correct the article.


Editor's Responsibilities:

Editors have the important responsibility of reviewing articles fairly, unbiased, and tactfully, and ensuring originality. The editor must ensure that every accepted manuscript is reviewed for its intellectual content, upholding the principles of editorial independence and integrity.


Reviewer Responsibilities:

Reviewers are responsible for conducting a review of the article. Important points to consider include ensuring the author has acknowledged all data sources used, identifying relevant works that have not been cited by the author, providing constructive feedback, maintaining the confidentiality of information or unique ideas. Reviewers must also respond quickly and notify editors if a time extension is required or if they are unable to complete the review within the allotted time.


Plagiarism Screening Policy:

Papers submitted to the International Journal of Chinese Interdisciplinary Studies (IJCIS) will be screened for plagiarism using the Turnitin plagiarism detection tool. Before sending to reviewers, articles are first checked by the editor. Articles that can proceed to the reviewer stage must have a similarity level of less than 20% (excluding bibliography). Articles that lead to plagiarism or self-plagiarism will be immediately rejected.










提交到International Journal of Chinese Interdisciplinary Studies - IJCIS / 国际汉语跨学科研究期刊 - IJCIS的论文将使用Turnitin抄袭检测工具进行筛查。在发送给审稿人之前,文章首先由编辑进行检查。可以进入审稿阶段的文章必须具有少于20%的相似度(不包括参考文献)。导致抄袭或自我抄袭的文章将被立即拒绝。