Focus & Scope

The focus and scope of International Journal of Chinese Interdisciplinary Studies - IJCIS is to publish high-quality articles that contribute theoretically and practically to the general public on a regional, national, and global scale. The scope of fields covered by IJCIS includes Learning Method, Learning Media, Contrastive Analysis, Phonetics, Phonology, Morphology, Syntax, Semantics, Literature, Literary Theory, Indonesian Chinese Culture, and Chinese Social Humanities. Acceptable research methodologies include qualitative studies, quantitative studies, or a combination of both, as well as statistical analysis, case studies, field research, and historical studies. IJCIS welcomes articles from various related parties, such as researchers, professors, students, policy makers, scientists, and others.
International Journal of Chinese Interdisciplinary Studies - IJCIS / 国际汉语跨学科研究期刊 - IJCIS 的关注点和范围是发表高质量的文章,从理论和实践上为区域、国家和全球公众做出贡献。 IJCIS所涵盖的领域范围包括学习方法、学习媒体、对比分析、语音学、音系学、形态学、句法学、语义学、文学、文学理论、印尼汉语文化和中国社会人文。可接受的研究方法包括定性研究、定量研究或两者结合,以及统计分析、案例研究、现场研究和历史研究。 IJCIS欢迎来自各种相关方的文章,例如研究人员、教授、学生、政策制定者、科学家和其他人。