Peer Review Process

The Editorial Board of BISMA (Bisnis dan Manajemen) has created the following policy review process:

All submissions to this journal must adhere to the journal's focus, scope, and author requirements. Manuscripts must demonstrate scientific excellence or novelty that is relevant to the journal's emphasis and breadth.

All manuscripts submitted must be free of plagiarism. It is recommended that all authors utilize plagiarism detection software to check for similarity (please use Turnitin or iThenticate to check for similarity). Editors will also use Turnitin or iThenticate tools to check the similarity of manuscripts in this journal.

This journal's review method is a double-blind review system. Manuscripts submitted to this publication will be blind peer-reviewed by at least two (two) or more experts from Reviewer Acknowledgement. The reviewers provide valuable scientific comments that improve the manuscript's content. A third peer-reviewer may be required at times (if necessary) to provide critical feedback on the submitted manuscript.

The Editor in Chief takes the final decision on article acceptance (together with the Editorial Board if necessary) based on the critical remarks of the reviewers. The ultimate decision on the paper is based on the final evaluation by the Editor and Editorial Board, which considers the words of the peer-reviewers (but not only by the reviewer).

The accepted articles will be published by the Editor in Chief, including assignment to a published issue based on the sequence of acceptable dates, geographical distribution of authors, and thematic topics.

Review Outcomes

The Editor will make the final decision on publication based on the feedback from the peer review process. The evaluation procedure will take between 4 and 12 weeks. Among the decision categories are:

  • Reject - Rejected manuscripts will not be published, and authors will not be able to resubmit a corrected version to BISMA (Bisnis dan Manajemen).
  • Resubmit for Review - The material may be accepted with major changes if it is redone. It will, however, necessitate a second round of assessment.
  • Accept with Revisions - Manuscripts that have been accepted with revisions will be published in BISMA (Bisnis dan Manajemen) if minor/major changes are made. Before publishing, an editor will go over the edits and make any necessary changes.
  • Accept - Accepted papers will be published in their current form with no changes.