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Author Guidelines

Author Guidlines

General Requirements

  1. Articles received only articles from the results of science education research.
  2. Articles are written in Indonesian or English in accordance with the format specified by the JPPS
  3. The author submits 3 copies of the article in the form of print-out with 1 soft copy (in CD) to the editor; 2 copies are provided with name and address, and 1 other copies without name and address will be sent to expert editor (mitra bestari). Articles can also be sent as attachments to JPPS email:
  4. Articles submitted to the editors are articles that have not been published in other media as evidenced by the writer's written statement that the manuscript has not been published. The statement is attached to the article.


Standard Article Writing in JPPS

  1. Articles typed using Microsoft Word program with Times New Roman font, size 10 points, A4 paper weighs 70 grams using two spacing columns 0.63 spaces 1.15; left limit of 2.5 cm, as well as the right border of 2, above 1.93, and below 2 cm.
  2. Each page is numbered in sequence (bottom of page, plain nuber 3).
  3. Font and numbers on the description of pictures, graphics, and tables are bold (Bold), using 10-point Times Times Roman font with single spaces.
  4. Articles written as many as 5-10 pages (including pictures and tables)


Systematics Writing Articles at JPPS

  1. Articles of research consist of: title, author's name, author's address (accompanied by email), abstract (in English and Bahasa Indonesia), keywords, introductions, research methods, results and discussion, conclusions and suggestions; Bibliography.
  2. The title is written short, specific, has a fascination (provocative) and informative that describes the contents of the article. Length in Indonesian maximum 14 words, and in English maximum 12 words. The title is written with capital font measuring 18 points, single spaced, and is located in the middle of no point.
  3. The author's name is written complete without an academic degree (professional) with the name and address of the institution of origin; placed under the title of the article. Primary author includes an email address. If the author of the article is more than 3 persons, the only authors are listed, completed et al; another author's name is loaded in the footnotes.
  4. Abstract is written in one paragraph between 75-200 words in English and Indonesian Language. The abstract contains a brief description of the problem and / or research objectives, methods / approaches, research results, and conclusions. Abstract is not a comment or an introduction from the author. Abstracts are written in Times new roman font size 9, single space, left border 2.5, and right border 2, upper 1,93, and under 2 cm.
  5. Keywords are written italic, 3-5 key words, one space below abstract.
  6. Introduction contains brief presentation of research problems, problem solving plans, research objectives, and sometimes expectations of research results. Written without subtitles where 15-20% of the length of the article.
  7. Research methods, containing research design, development techniques, data collection techniques, and data analysis techniques.
  8. Results and discussion is a description of the results of data analysis research and discussion of research results. Use of tables, charts and charts is strongly recommended.
  9. Conclusions and suggestions contain the essence of research results and discussion. Delivered in short paragraphs or paragraphs.
  10. The bibliography contains only the references mentioned in the body of the article. The list of goals is placed at the last page of the article (not a new page). As far as possible referral sources are up-to-date libraries (maximum of the last 10 years) and written alphabetically.
  11. Each submitted script is charged a contribution fee of Rp. 150.000,00 (one hundred and fifty thousand rupiah), with 2 (two) free copies of the journal. 


Privacy Statement

The names and email addresses entered in this journal site will be used exclusively for the stated purposes of this journal and will not be made available for any other purpose or to any other party.