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Editor in Chief  

:  Journal of Sport Science and Education
Muchamad Arif Al Ardha
:  Faculty of Sport and Health Sciences
:  jossae@unesa.ac.id
:  Sinta 2
:  10.26740/jossae
:  2548-4699 (Online) / 2723-6676 (Print)
:  Twice a year (April and October)

JOSSAE (Journal of Sport Science and Education) is a journal that aims to be a peer-reviewed platform and an authoritative source of information. We publish original research and literature review papers sports science and education including physical education, sports tourism, sports biomechanics, sports medicine, sports recreation, and sports management with a particular emphasis on the Indonesian context and global perspective. All papers are peer-reviewed by at least two referees, after going through an initial screening by an editor. JOSSAE (Journal of Sport Science and Education) is managed to be issued twice in every volume.

The Scope of JOSSAE (Journal of Sport Science and Education) is:
- Physical Education
- Sport Coaching
- Sport Psychology
- Strength and Conditioning
- Sport Biomechanic
- Sport Nutrition

Since volume 9, we will publish articles with author/co-authors from foreign countries only

Current Issue

Vol. 9 No. 1 (2024)

This issue has been available online since 30th April 2024 for the regular issue of April 2024. All articles in this issue were authored/co-authored from 9 countries (Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, China, Taiwan, Australia, Poland, UK, Gambia).

Published: 2024-04-30


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