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The author submitting the article must complete all the processes set by JURNAL GEOGRAFI Geografi dan Pengajarannya. The author agrees to transfer the copyright of the article to X as the publisher of  the journal and publish it in various forms.  JURNAL GEOGRAFI Geografi dan Pengajarannya holds the rights to articles that have already been published. Authors are allowed to disseminate published articles by including JURNAL GEOGRAFI Geografi dan Pengajarannya link. The author is allowed to use his work for any purpose necessary.

As a writer you can do the following:

  1. make copies (printed or electronic) of articles for your own personal use, including for your own classroom teaching use;
  2. make copies of and distribute copies of such (including by email) of articles to research colleagues, for personal use by such colleagues (but not commercially or systematically, e.g. through email lists or list servers);
  3. present articles at meetings or conferences and to distribute copies of articles to delegates attending such meetings;
  4. include the article in full or in part in the thesis or dissertation (provided that it is not published commercially);
  5. use the article or part thereof in a printed compilation of your work, such as collected writings or lecture notes (after publication of the article in the journal); and prepare other derivative works, to extend the article into book-length form, or to reuse passages or citations in other works, with full recognition of its original publication in the journal;
  6. may reproduce or authorize others to reproduce articles, materials taken from articles, or derivative works for the author's personal use or for corporate use, provided the source and copyright notice are indicated.

All copies, printed or electronic, or any other use of the paper or article must include bibliographic citations appropriate for publication of the article in the journal.


JURNAL GEOGRAFI Geografi dan Pengajarannya permits anyone to compose, improve, and make derivative works non-commercially, as long as they credit you and license the derivative work on terms similar to the original work.

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