Aim and Scope

Focus and Scope dalam JGas mencakup perkembangan dan penelitian dalam bidang: 

Industry, Innovation, And Infrastructure

  1. Food Science and Technology Advancement
  2. Food and Dairy Agricultural Biotechnology
  3. Food Biotechnology
  4. Food Fortification and Supplementation
  5. Food Processing, Preservations, and Packaging

Responsible Consumption And Production

  1. Food and Nutritional Science
  2. Food Nutrition and Evaluation
  3. Food Safety and Hygiene
  4. Nutrition and Public Health
  5. Functional Food and Bioactive Factors

Gastronomy in Social Science

  1. Good Health and Well-Being in Home Economics
  2. Child Growth and Development
  3. Health and Beauty Treatment
  4. Food, Apparel and Cosmetology Entrepreneurship
  5. Food Habits and Its Impact on Gender Equality
  6. Food Taboos for Woman and Children