1. Why should I publish my manuscript in ELite Journal? ELite Journal offers many benefits, such as peer reviewed journal, open access, no additional page charges, fast publication (in Articles in Press), published by reputable public University in Indonesia, and authors retain rights (CC BY-SA license).
  2. Is ELite Journal indexed by Scopus or Clarivate Analytics (formerly Thompson Reuters)? No.
  3. Is ELite Journal indexed internationally? Yes, namely Crossref and Google Scholar. 
  4. Is the Elite Journal accredited nationally? No.
  5. Must manuscripts be written in English? Yes.
  6. How much the charges for each manuscript publication is? Free.
  7. How do I submit my article? Please see Author Guideline.
  8. Does ELite Journal provide templates and styled files for preparing a journal article? Yes, please Download Template.
  9. Can I submit supplementary files to be published online along with my article? Yes. If the file is too large, we will upload it to the Google Drive.
  10. How long the review and editing process in ELite Journal is? At least 4 weeks, the full description of the review and editing processes can be seen in Peer Review Policies.
  11. Do Elite Journal provide fast-track publication? No, but we offer Articles in Press to pre-publish accepted manuscript as soon as possible (by request).
  12. What happens if my paper gets rejected? If your research is good quality, then it may be suitable to be submitted to another journal. We will deliver the reviewer's comments to improve the quality of your manuscript.
  13. What happens after my article has been accepted? While the manuscript files are handed over to production for data processing and typesetting, you (being the corresponding author) will stay in touch with us to edit and proofread the article. You may request to pre-publish the article in "Articles in Press" section.
  14. Can I ask a formal submission letter and acceptance letter? You may ask a formal submission letter to ELite Journal via email after you submit your manuscript. You may also ask a letter of acceptance after your manuscript has been accepted by ELite Journal Editor for publication. ELite Journal Editor will not deliver the letter of acceptance before your manuscript is being accepted by ELite Journal  Editor for publication.
  15. Can you give me more information about Copyright? Authors will be asked to agree to the publication terms of their article to the publisher by signing "Surat Transfer Hak Cipta dan Pernyataan Open Access". All articles in ELite Journal are published with CC BY-SA license. Authors retain copyright and grant journal right of first publication.
  16. How can I find out about the status of my journal manuscript? In the Open Journal System (OJS) login page. You may ask your manuscript status via email.
  17. How can I request permission to re-use material? You can re-use the material for non-commercial purposes. If you want to use it for commercial purposes, you must contact the Author(s) to make the agreement.