Isolasi dan Karakterisasi Bacillus sp. Pelarut Fosfat dari Rhizosfer Tanaman Leguminosae

Mukamto Mukamto, Syazwani Ulfa, Weda Mahalina, Ahmad Syauqi, Laila Istiqfaroh, Guntur Trimulyono


Rhizosphere of Leguminosae is inhabited by bacteria, one of which is the genus Bacillus which is Plant Growth Promoting Bacteria
that are benefi cial to plants, such as its ability to dissolve phosphate. The purpose of this study was to obtain isolates of Bacillus
sp. from the rhizosphere of Leguminosae plants which has the ability to dissolve phosphate. This study was conducted by bacterial
isolation, characterization colonies, Gram staining, coloring endospores, catalase test, and solubility test phosphate. Isolation methods
used by the pour plate method for testing bacteria and phosphate solvent using Pikovskaya media. A total of 36 isolates of Bacillus
sp. successfully isolated colonies with different characters and character of rod-shaped cells, Gram-positive, form endospores, and has
a positive catalase except isolates BAP2 and BAP5 which has a negative catalase. A total of fi ve isolates of Bacillus sp. (Isolast BCP
2, BCP 4, BAC 2, 3 BCM, and BAP 1) known to be capable of dissolving phosphate holozone formation around the colonies after an
incubation period of seven days.

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