Optimasi Pengawetan Produk Jamur Tiram Segar sebagai Upaya Penguatan Industri Olahan Jamur

Mirwa Adiprahara Anggarani, Rusijono Rusijono


This research aimed to optimize the process of preservation of fresh oyster mushrooms by adding food additives as an effort to
increase the value point. Fresh oyster mushrooms preservation process was done by soaking the fresh oyster mushrooms in some types
of additives, including: (a) ascorbic acid of 0.05%; (B) 1% citric acid; (C) salt 2%; (D) turmeric 1%; (E) a mixture of 0.05% ascorbic
acid, citric acid 1% and 2% salt; (F) a mixture of 0.05% ascorbic acid, citric acid 1%, 2% salt, and turmeric 1%; (G) a mixture of
sodium metabisulphite 0.1%, 0.2% salt, 0.1% ascorbic acid, citric acid 0.1%, and 0.1% potassium; and (h) a mixture of turmeric salt
2% and 1%. Soaking process conducted for 8 days. Furthermore, to determine the success of the process of preservation of fresh oyster
mushrooms, has been carried out measurement of pH, as well as the number of fungi and bacteria in preservative solutions every day.
the number of microbial contamination from day to day is calculated using the direct microscopic count method. Samples were placed
in a room count (hemocytometer) and the number of cells can be determined directly with the aid of a microscope. Results of the analysis
showed that the growth of fungi and bacteria have inhibited the immersion using citric acid 2%.

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