Focus and Scope

INAJEEE or Indonesian Journal of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (E-ISSN 2614-2589) is a scientific peer-reviewed journal issued by The Department of Electrical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Universitas Negeri Surabaya (UNESA). Accepted articles will be published online and the article can be downloaded for free (free of charge). The INAJEEE journal has been indexed in Google Scholar.

INAJEEE is published periodically (2 issues per volume/year) with 5 articles each time published (10 articles per year).

INAJEEE is free (open source) all to access and download. The journal includes developments and research in the field of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, both theoretical studies, experiments, and applications.INAJEEE also accept the review article.

The scope of INAJEEE including:
1. Electronics Engineering
2. Power system Engineering
3. Telecommunication and Informatics Engineering.
4. Control System Engineering