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Submission Preparation Checklist

As part of the submission process, authors are required to check off their submission's compliance with all of the following items, and submissions may be returned to authors that do not adhere to these guidelines.
  • Penyerahan belum diterbitkan sebelumnya, atau sedang dalam pertimbangan jurnal lain (atau sebuah penjelasan belum disediakan dalam komentar kepada editor).
  • File naskah dalam format file dokumen OpenOffice, Microsoft Word, RTF, atau WordPerfect.
  • Ketika tersedia, URLs untuk referensi telah disediakan.
  • Teks 1 spasi; font 12; italic; tidak digaribawahi (kecuali alamat URL); dan semua ilustrasi, figur, dan tabel yang ditempatkan di dalam teks pada poin yang tepat, jangan di akhir.
  • Teks yang mematuhi persyaratan mengenai perpustakaan dan gaya bahasa digambarkan secara garis besar di Petunjuk Penulis, yang akan ditemukan dalam halaman Tentang Kami.
  • Jika penerimaan untuk bagian peer-review dari jurnal, instruksinya terdapat di Memastikan Reviewer Anonim telah diikuti.

Author Guidelines


Type-written Manuscripts in MS Word (.doc)

Title: The title of the study should be written in maximal 12 words. A title should be short, simple, easy to understand, and should be commonly searchable in Google. Title of Paper should be in Times New Roman 14 Points and Bold.

Authors: Not more than 6 authors. All authors have to mention the clear cut contribution in the article. full name, institution name (study program, faculty, university) address of the institution (full written). This Section should be in Times New Roman 10 Points.

Abstract: written in Indonesian and English which contains the main issues, the purpose of the activity (service), method or approach and results of the activity, the abstract is written in one paragraph, no more than 200 words, contains: background, purpose ), research methods, results, and conclusions. Written using Times New Roman 10 font, single-spaced, and for English italicized. Keywords: maximum of 5 words. This Section should be in Times New Roman 10 Points.

INTRODUCTION: The introduction contains the conditions and situations as well as the problems that lie behind or inspire the implementation of the activities and objectives of community service activities. written with the letters Time New Roman 11 spaces 1.15.

METHOD: Describe the methods used to solve the problem. Examples of methods: a) Community education, for example, counseling aimed at increasing understanding and awareness, b) Diffusion of science and technology, for example, activities that produce products for the target group, c) Training, for example, activities that are accompanied by demonstrations or pilots to produce certain skills, d) Mediation, for example, activities that show the implementation of community service as a mediator in solving problems that exist in the community, e) Advocacy, for example, activities in the form of assistance to the target group. Also, explain the characteristics of the target group that is partners in the Community Service activities. written with the letters Time New Roman 11 spaces 1.15.

RESULTS AND DISCUSSION: Explaining the results or outputs can be in the form of increased knowledge, skills or in the form of products. The results also state the level of achievement of the activity targets. If in the form of objects there needs to be an explanation of product specifications, advantages, and disadvantages. Output writing needs to be accompanied by photos, tables, graphics, charts, pictures. written with the letters Time New Roman 11 spaces 1.15.

CONCLUSION: It is written briefly but describes the substance of community service activities results and recommendations for subsequent community service activities. written with the letters Time New Roman 11 spaces 1.15.

REFERENCES: Everything referred to in the text goes to the list of references. And everything on the reference list is indeed referred to in the text. The bibliography must contain reference libraries originating from primary sources (scientific journals and totaling a minimum of 80% of the total bibliography) published in the last 10 (ten) years. Every article must have at least 10 (ten) references. Writing scripts and citations referred to in this manuscript are recommended using reference applications (reference manager) such as Mendeley, Zotero, Reffwork, Endnotes and etc. The format of writing a bibliography uses APA 6th Edition (American Psychological Association).

Privacy Statement

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