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Physics Education Study Program as one of the Teacher Education Institution Personnel ( LPTK ) producer of teachers in Indonesia is expected to produce a physics teacher candidates who have competence in higher-level thinking. One of the high level of competence think that should be owned by teachers is of critical thinking skills (critical thinking skills ). In connection with that goal then designed a model of the course will be developed to be applied to subjects Physics Research Methodology. Development Methodology Physics Research subjects have in common with the principles of the development of science education. The ability to understand and implement these principles should be owned by prospective teachers of Physics , which is part of Science .

This study aims to: 1) develop a model courses that can be used to practice critical thinking skills for student teachers Physics Subjects Research Methodology Physics, 2) explain the syntax of the model that have been developed to practice critical thinking skills for student teachers Physics subjects Physics Research Methodology.

This study will be conducted using this type of research development using the Design Research Model Wademan. In general, the research carried out in five stages, namely: 1) problem identification, 2) identification of the tentative products and design principles, 3) tentative products and theories, 4) prototyping and assessment of preliminary products and theories, and 5) problem resolution and advancing theory. Model lectures are successfully developed to be implemented in the final stages of research. Limited implementation and field implementation in stages 4 and 5 is done by using a design One-group pretest-posttest design. The subjects of this study are students of Physical Education University of Palangkaraya contains programs for Physics Research Methodology Course in Odd Semester, Academic Year 2016/2017. Data collection tool in this study was the test, observation sheets, rubrics, and questionnaires. Descriptive research data will be analyzed qualitatively and quantitatively.


Critical Thinking Skills, Study of Online Journals, Physics Research Methodology

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