Developing ICT-Based Learning Model to Improve Learning Outcomes IPA of SD Fish Market in Sidoarjo


  • Nurdyansyah Nurdyansyah


ICT based learning, learning outcomes


Based learning ICT (Information Communication and Technology) is learning used concept of learning and multimedia computer. Based on observation in class V, matter that many are abstract, complex, and difficult. One way that can be done by teachers when explaining the material abstract is to develop ICT based learning model applied in computer based learning program or CAI (Computer Assisted Instruction), computer device that is used as a means to develop and operate media that can help teachers and students understand a concept, formulate and practice. The research aims to: analyzing the development of ICT based lerning model in improving learning outcomes IPA and analyze how much influence the learning model based on ICT in improving learning outcomes IPA. This research is the developmeny (research and development / R&DThe results of the study as follows:

  1. Development of ICT based learning model in improving learning outcomes IPA, follow the steps as follows: a) Determination of the material; b) Determine competency standards and basic competence; c) Preparation of indicators; d) Decomposition of the material; e) Preparation module.
  2. The results of the analysis of the t-test against the value of pre test and post test showed t value of 7,85 and 2,056 t table. So, t is greather than t table (7,85> 2, 056).



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